Journals and Papers

The LINGUIST List has created an online journal registry that enables conferences hosts, researchers, academics, and students the opportunity to search linguistic conferences relating to their fields of study.

The LINGUIST List posts Table of Contents for Books and Journals submitted to the List. You can submit or search TOCs here.

The LINGUIST List catalogs Academic Paper Abstracts in conjunction with the author's people profile. You can browse, search, and submit Academic Papers here.

Announcements from organizers of conferences, workshops, or journals asking for submissions of papers or abstracts. You can browse, search, and submit a call here.

Scholars may post their dissertation abstracts to the list. Dissertation abstracts are not only posted to the email list; they are also stored in our web-searchable index of dissertations.

Publishers who work with The LINGUIST List do so because it is a good value. LINGUIST has over 25,000 registered subscribers, in 95 countries worldwide. Nowhere else can a publisher directly reach such a concentrated audience for their products.