Institute for Language Resources

Our Mission

  • To provide a platform for research and education activities related to language technologies, linguistic resources, digital tools and services that sustain the scientific analysis of language and the dissemination of high quality language data and linguistic information.

Our Goals

  • To develop and maintain a rich internet infrastructure for the discipline of linguistics
  • To conduct research and training in the areas of language resource creation and management, natural language processing and language-related technologies
  • To serve as a comprehensive, authoritative and accessible source of information about the world's languages and cultures, particularly the lesser-known languages
  • To promote the collection, analysis, and archiving of data from the most endangered languages
  • To promote consensus about best practices in the creation and long-term preservation of digital language resources
  • To promote the interoperability of digital tools, language resources, language technologies and web services

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Contact information:

Institute for Language Resources
Indiana University
Department of Linguistics
Memorial Hall 322
1021 E. 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47405-7005
United States

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+1 812 391-3602
+1 888 908-2629

MultiTree. Compare this hypothesis. And that one. And every one.

MultiTree is a searchable database of hypotheses on language relationships. Compare language trees and access bibliographical information on them.

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Events. Linguistics conference or rock concert? Hard to tell.

Z. Smith: "Multidominant coordination of phi-axiomatic controls"

September 4, 2013. 4:30PM. Coop 1006

K. L. Moe: "Optimization of Eigen-sensitive Lambda Arrays"

July 15, 2013. 2:30PM. Harrold 233

S. Fox: "Non-iterative reduplication in Ancient Kurdish"

April 5, 2014. 1:45PM. Getty 233

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